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SA Wines Online is a family owned online company working closely with one another to grow, produce and source some of the best South Australian wines for all to enjoy.
We aim to please and support our customers by only offering the best wines from the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Coonawarra Regions.
The research is done for you and information is provided via blogs, updates to keep you informed with the latest events and award winning wines.
Having a cohesive unity of wine companies displays many years of experience in the viticulture industry to give you access to a larger range of varieties and wineries, incorporating a selection of exclusive palates and distinct flavours.
Read about and purchase our wines from the comfort of your home to have them delivered to your door and enjoy drinking South Australia’s best picks.

Our Team



owner of Q Wines Australia, co-owner of Daltem International and vineyard manager has been in the viticulture industry majority of his adult life. Not only producing many award winning wines from South Australia but believing heavily that a ‘Paddock to Plate’ experience is the way forward.


Kristine Templeman

owner of Wisp Wines and co-owner of Daltem International brings a marketing background to the viticulture industry to provide the best quality wines from South Australia for all to enjoy and sharing these award winning wines around the country to a variety of restaurants and shops.


Janelle Templeman

daughter of Kristine is also the marketing and design editor for Wisp Wines, whilst maintaining the social media forums for Wisp Wines, Q Wines Australia and Daltem International. Her passion lies in the social aspect of meeting clients and organising public tastings for all to enjoy the finest wines South Australia has to offer.


Mitchell Templeman

son of Kristineis a horticulture foreman and has viticulture running through his blood and has used this passion to work and manage many award winning vineyards. Running the vineyards and controlling behind the scenes characteristics have shown him to harvest grapes used to produce some of South Australia’s finest wines.



son of Angelo is a horticulture foreman and maintains the vineyards to keep soil and vines at peak quality. He has a key role in the machinery use to uphold and produce award winning grapes and further contribute to South Australian viticulture.

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6 Montrose Ave, Netherby SA 5062, Australia

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