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The History of Coonawarra Wineries

Coonawarra Shiraz

Wynns Coonawarra Estate’s have been a long time producer of premium Coonawarra Shiraz. Typically, this Estate Shiraz has a strong aroma that is reminiscent of ground black pepper, mulberry and raspberry. The aroma of blackberry comes more at the riper end of the spectrum. The Producers use oak in order to increase the wine’s complexity. The oak does not dominate its distinctive and cool-climate character. It is one of the medium-bodied wine that has a lengthy finish. This wine will age gracefully with the tradition that still speaks of the original Wynns ‘Hermitage’ wine.

Coonawarra Region

Wynns Shiraz

Wynns Shiraz is and will remain to be one of Australia’s most affordable favourites. It is lined away in the cellar of quite a lot budding wine collectors .Wynn Shiraz has all the structure and lineage of some of its other famous and higher priced brothers and sisters. Some rich woven characteristics of plum, spice and pepper construct the taste beautifully. They are carefully mixed along with the minty regional notes and accentuated by fine and firm tannins.

best coonawarra shiraz - coonawarra wineries - SA wines online

Coonawarra Shiraz was first released in 1952 as Claret. Wynns has long held to have the reputation for producing some of the most premium quality and other quintessential Coonawarra Shiraz. They are also bright and have some variety. This Shiraz has a beautiful taste and aroma of mulberry, black pepper and bay leaf aromatics.

Wynns Coonawarra estate has produced some of the best vintage Shiraz because of the extraordinary high quality that they use the grapes for. This wine is of great value no matter when you drink it now or take it out of the cellar after a short while. Wynn’s have a very proud history and this Coonawarra Shiraz has never had better value. Boysenberry, spice and other more complex earthy notes that are tracked through a medium bodied and soft wine. It can help with ripe tannins and can provide with exceptional drinking.

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