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History of McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale Shiraz

McLaren Vale is a region of wine that is located approximately 35 km to the south of Adelaide in South Australia. It is internationally renowned for the wine production that it produces. The region was named probably after 2 people – David McLaren, the Colonial Manager of the South Australian company or John McLaren (identity not known) who surveyed the area in 1839. Among the first settlers present in the region till late 1839, there were two English farmers from Devon, William Colton and Charles Thomas Hewett. William Colton established the Daringa farm. Charles Thomas Hewett established the Oxenberry farm. Both men were quite prominent in the early days of McLaren Vale.

The History of Winemaking in McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale Wineries

Although initially the region’s main economic activity was the growing cereal crops. In 1838, John Reynell and Thomas Hardy planted grape vines and present day Seaview and Hardy Wineries have been in operation since 1850. Grapes were first planted in the region since 1838. Some wines that are growing there are as much as 100 years old and still producing. Today, there are way more than 88 cellar doors present in McLaren Vale. The majority of these wineries are small family run operations and boutique wineries.

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In February 2011, South Australian Premier Mike Rann announced that the special legislation would be introduced. It was to protect the unique heritage of the wineries such as Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale. They said that both Barossa and McLaren are key icons of South Australia. We should never allow the Barossa and McLaren to become one of the suburbs of Adelaide. Legislation that can help protect the character of the McLaren Vale was passed by the South Australian parliament in 2012 and all of it came to force in January 2013.

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