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It is hard to decied what mixed wine cases to buy? Not able to choose between red or white? We know that and we want to help on this journey. From the most authentic Shiraz flavours of Red Knot to the beautiful flavours of Tamo’s Hill, you will not feel void of not getting hold of perfect wine this festive season.

But, whether you want a chilled white wine to sip onto on a sweltering afternoon or one of the smooth red wine to serve along with your scrumptious meals, we will handpick some of the finest red an white wine that will suit any of the occasion. Our mixed dozen wine deals offer your a variety of cherrieshed tastes of South Australian wines for the best price.

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Why mixed wines cases?

Red and White Wine Difference

The first and the most obvious difference between the two types of wine is of course, the color that the grapes are used – red color is from the  black grape skins that they are left to ferment with. On the other hand, the white wine is fermented without skins or seeds.

However, not a lot know that red grapes can be easily made into white wines and some white grapes can also be put to red wines. One example of this is the sparkling  white wine Blanc de Noirs, that is made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. Red wines also have a little high alcohol content and has more tannin, which is one of the more naturally occurring polyphenol that is responsible for dryness due to certain red wines.

Mixed Dozen Wine Guide

When to Drink Red vs White Wine

Red wines generally goes best and tastes best with red meat like beef and lamb, while white wines are able to be paired better with white meat like fish and chicken. Even though the exceptions can be made according to the personal preference.

Mixed Dozen Wine Guide - SA wines online
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Mixed Wine Cases How To

How to Serve Red and White Wine

Red wine will tastes better when it is served at or just under room temperature, between 12 ˚C and 18˚C. On the other hand, white wine is usually best when it is served slightly chilled between 7˚C and 12˚C. The glasses can make a huge difference too – glasses of red wine are usually larger with wide opening and white is generally served in smaller bowled glasses.

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