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What Is Shiraz Wine?

Shiraz wine

The barefoot Shiraz wine is one of the most flawless wines. You can serve it at a large gathering or just sip it alongside of your favorite homemade meal. Our Shiraz wines are flavourful. They have some hints of blackberry and mocha that has a smooth as velvet vanilla finish to it. It really is love at first sip.

History of Shiraz Wine

Shiraz Wine

Shiraz refers to 2 types of wines which are incorrectly considered the same. In the modern world, it is considered to be a style of Syrah. Historically, the name was used to refer to the wine that was produced by finest wine from the city of Shiraz in Iran. It was quite well known for producing the finest wine from North East in the 9th century. The modern world Shiraz wine is best known to be produced in Australia and South Africa. It also refers to the style of Syrah that gets produced in some other countries. The modern kind of Shiraz grape has been shown to be identical to Syrah and originated in Southeast France, with no connection to Iran.

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The modern Shiraz grape that is shown to have been identical to the Syrah grape that was brought to Australia by James Busby, who is also recognised as the father of Australian wine. Busby traveled through Europe mostly through Spain and France collecting vine cuttings that eventually laid the foundation of Australian wine industry. Despite being genetically identical to each other, the Shiraz grape tastes and also looks a little different as compared to the European siblings especially when they are grown in warmer climates.

What to do with the Best Australian Shiraz

Shiraz Wine and Food

South African and Australian Shiraz that typically has blackberry, plum and pepper flavours. There are sometimes additional notes added of bitter chocolate, licorice and mocha. But, as soon as bottle ageing secondary flavors are added such as leather and truffle can sometimes also appear. Shiraz is often described to have a unique exuberant character. Therefore, one should naturally pair it with some equally boisterous types of food ranging from BBQ and fried meats to sweets, jellies and chocolates.

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